Please read below to find answers to common questions. If you are unable to find the answer you are looking for, please send us a message.

Are physical therapy sessions covered by insurance?

Via Physical Therapy is an out of network provider. We can issue a detailed invoice or superbill to help you claim out of network benefits through your insurance provider. Please contact your insurance provider for more information about your coverage.

Which neighborhoods does Via PT service?

Currently in-home sessions are only available in the borough of Brooklyn.

How soon after having a baby can I begin physical therapy?

Generally your OBGYN will give you clearance to exercise or begin physical therapy (PT) at the 6 week post-partum visit. In order to begin PT earlier, please present a prescription from the doctor.

Do I need a prescription for physical therapy?

In NYS, the Direct Access Law allows you to receive treatment from a licensed physical therapist for 10 visits or 30 days (whichever comes first) without a referral or prescription. If the therapist deems it medically necessary, she may request that you see your physician after this time in order to continue your physical therapy treatment. Keep in mind that if you are using out of network benefits to cover the sessions, your insurance may require a prescription to ensure reimbursement.

Do I need any equipment for my sessions?

You are not required to have any equipment for the sessions. Please ensure that there will be enough floor space for you and the therapist to move around. We can provide a yoga mat if one is not available at your home.