sports injuries

Seasoned athletes or weekend warriors alike can experience injuries resulting from direct trauma or overuse. Lack of a well-rounded exercise regimen can often lead to muscular imbalances and limited flexibility. Habitual postures or improper body mechanics at home or work are also often contributing factors. Your therapist will evaluate you using a whole body approach to address the root of the problem and prevent recurrence. 

prenatal and postpartum 

Pregnancy is accompanied by a multitude of changes. As joints and ligaments loosen to accommodate the growing fetus, ordinary activities can become painful. A difficult delivery, poor body mechanics during childcare or an abdominal muscle separation can all delay postpartum recovery. In your home, the therapist will evaluate you and the precipitating activities to develop a treatment plan that relieves your pain and facilitates caring for your child. 




After surgery it is essential to promote healing while restoring motion, strength and function. In collaboration with your surgeon, your therapist will develop an individualized rehabilitation protocol based on your procedure and your goals. You will avoid the risks of navigating busy NYC streets and transit by receiving treatment in the comfort of your own home.


We offer Mat Pilates as both a form of rehabilitation and as a fitness tool for individuals looking to improve their strength, flexibility and alignment. Our sessions incorporate classic Pilates principles with a modern physical therapy approach to promote strength, maximize function, and avoid injury.

personal training

We offer customized in-home exercise sessions for individuals with specific fitness goals. As a movement specialist, the physical therapist will design a routine that is both safe and effective for your body. Whether you want to complete an obstacle race or increase muscle definition, you will be able to reach your goal while maintaining a low risk of injury.

Geriatric rehabilitation

As we age, our bodies recover at a slower rate. Reduced soft tissue elasticity, bone density, muscle strength, vision, and disease such as Diabetes can impact our sense of balance and increase a risk of falls. Our therapist will assess your limitations and help you restore your strength, balance and coordination. They can also determine the need for and help choose an assistive device if necessary.